Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tonight we talked about the book of leviticus. Yes I know for most of you this book in the bible could put you to sleep [emi lol] but we talked on some pretty interesting points. For those of you who haven't read it yet, read up on chapter 19 in leviticus. I read through some of it with my small group but we were kinda running short on time, however when you have the opportunity, read it through and check out all the laws that were set in order to keep the people from sinning.

Could you keep all the commandments?? I know I couldn't and I haven't, which is why offerings were in order. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, he was perfect and instead of having to use a scape goat to send off and that would come back "symbolizing our sins" with Jesus having given his own life for us, he washed our sins away completely!! what good news!!

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  1. I didn't say this, but people really shouldn't skip Leviticus! You need to understand the Old Testament laws and sacrifices to really get what Jesus' death meant. It would be like trying to learn division having never learned subtraction. Sure, you could memorize some things, but you would have no clue what division really meant.

    Sorry, for those of you that hate math now I've probably made you hate Leviticus even more!