Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Tonight noah brought the message to us on solomon and the things of this world. He took us through the first few chapters of ecclesiates and brought forward some very interesting points, one that will stick to my mind well is "chasing the wind" how the bible explains that certain things we strive for here on earth will be meaningless when we die and depart this world, it will be like chasing the wind as it says multiple times in the book of ecclesiates [which is another great fact that noah also pointed out]

Take some time to read through ecclesiates 7 and try and determine what you think the verses could mean, back then, and also fer today.

God bless~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trusting in the Salvation of the Lord

Everett brought the message to us last night and we read along in psalm 13 where king david is feeling distressed. We learned that when bad things happen to us, whatever they may be, whether losing a loved one, or just having a bad day in general that its ok to pour our hearts out to the Lord and be angry with him. Its ok so just be like: "God why is this happening?? where are you??"

Now even though you may be upset in the moment there will be some point where you'll get through it and in that moment, be sure to praise him fer the things that he has already given and blessed you with. Trust in him to bring you through the hard times and know that his saving grace, and unfailing love is more than enough.