Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First off I'd like to wish dianne an offical "happy birthday" from myself and all of our awesome 3D students and leaders. For those of you who didn't know, dianne's birthday is on the 12th of march!! [that would be this month ;] ]

We celebrated after 3D at Bakers Square for some.... FREE PIE!!!! and it was yummay!! So once again, happy birthday and may yer day be awesomely blessed dianne. ^_^


Now, onto other news. Everett expanded on our study of Job tonight and the main idea was, how job, being in as much pain as he was and cursing the day of his birth, [which you can all read in chapter 3, so do so when you have time. And if you are still captivated, read on in chapter 4 where job's friends begin to give their reasons for why he was going through all that he did]

There's a point in the story where the Lord presents himself in a storm and asks Job questions. Like everett suggested, read through it and ask yerself if you know any of the answers to them. See what you find interesting and if you'd like to share what you've discovered, feel free to share here by adding comments or sharing it with us next week.

Everett reminded us what the reason was for all of the tragic things that were happening to Job and it was because he LOVED GOD. Serving the Lord isn't for the faint of heart. There will be lots of trials and tribulations that come as part of the price for follwing Jesus. However... when you truly put ALL of yer faith in him, whatever yer facing doesn't always seem so terrible because you know that God is bigger than it all and in the end, he will be glorified and bring you through whatever hard times yer having. So it will be worth it. Hang in there.


This is the name of our new compassion child in indonesia. Some of you may've forgotten what her name was since mike introduced her to us, and if you did, welp.. here it is ^_^ We will be supporting her and our same Tuukuo Merin. Fadia Haya from indonesia has left the compassion program. We don't know the reason why, but just because she has, doesn't mean that we should forget about her. Feel free to shoot up a prayer to God for her whenever she comes to mind.


If you haven't decided whether or not you'll be going on this amazing God-filled, serving, missions trip in july, there are a few spots still open but you'll have to talk to mike soon!! I'm not sure how much longer he's leaving this open so if you feel like God is calling you to do some hard missions work and share Jesus, don't hesitate, just sign up!! I know that the Lord is gonna do an awesome thing this summer with it.


Just a side note. I have some videos that I took from the winter retreat REVOLUTION MISSION POSSIBLE of some of the boys going on the GIANT SWING and others of us playing X-TREME PENS!! [dangerous?? o_O] perhaps gio would have an idea of how that game went down with everett ;] I'll try to get those posted up as soon as I can so that you all can enjoy the rest of our great moments during that weekend.


If you click on that link above "today i went to hell" you'll be able to see more about what mike was talking to us about in kenya. For natalie, the woman who wrote this story is Kristen Welch.


Welp, I think I've covered just about everything. Write any of us if you any questions or just wanna say, "hey!! what's up??" otherwise...

God bless~

Oh yes and one more thing. Gio you are sooo on for egyptian rat next wednesday. I am making it my personal goal to beat you =P

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