Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tonight, Everett shared from the book of Isaiah and we had a time of reflection and prayer on and with things in our lives that we thought may be hindering us from fully serving the Lord. If we repent, God grants us salvation, if we don't, there is nothing but destruction that awaits us.

Is there something in yer life that you want to change?? Give it to God today. Last week I challenged some of my girls in small groups to give up something that they normally can't do without and use the time spent on that one thing to spend more time with God in prayer and in His word. Fer some they chose to do certain things fer a couple days, some one-two weeks on others. If you feel like yer making something other than God number #1 in yer life then maybe its time fer you to take a "sacrifice challenge" see how you do, and see if you feel closer to the Lord when yer actually making time fer Him. Fun things are ok and their not bad things, its just how you moderate them ;]

Have a great week guys and be blessed!!

Also, don't forget to wish cathy, sarah [i believe it was] and vince a happy birthday!! =]]

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