Monday, February 15, 2010

Revolution Winter Retreat 2010!!

Welp... first off let me just say what an amazing time our 3D students and leaders had on this trip "REVOLUTION MISSION POSSIBLE" in Lake Geneva WI.

There were lots of activities and workshops that they got to choose from, card games, and gross games and everything in between, but most importantly their encounter with GOD!! They all truly served as an inspiration to me and I'm sooo glad that I got to be a part of their growth during the retreat. To see them worshiping the Lord and praying for each other as well as other kids that they didn't even know.

I am very excited to say that we had a few middle schoolers who accepted Christ for the very first time!!!! We also had 3 new girls who came and they really enjoyed themselves as well. It was wonderful to see them open up with each other and with us as leaders.

Enjoy this slideshow as it shows just a portion of all that happened over the weekend!!


  1. Great job in putting this together. I'm so glad that you had a good time.